Online Share Trading

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Online Share Trading is a broad term used for trading in financial market securities like stocks, shares, bonds, mutual funds, money market derivatives, and even commodities over an internet-based platform. Online share trading companies provide an intuitive user-friendly online platform from where the investor can trade and manage their financial market holdings, by paying a fixed or nominal commission to the intermediary platform.

How can we help?

We can guide any new or even a seasoned investor through the conveniently intuitive process of online investing. We adhere to the following process:

Online Share Trading initiation by helping the prospective investor open both a Demat and share trading account. The Demat account would act as a central repository to store long-term stocks and shares, and the trading account can be used for conducting day-to-day trades in similar financial market instruments.

Educate the investor on the basics of financial market instruments. We provide knowledge and skills that would help them make an informed and efficient investor who understands both the advantages and risks involved in share market trading.

Help them create a sound investment strategy plan by helping them choose the right financial market investments like stocks, shares, bonds or commodities.